MAN Company (Bus, Light and Heavy Truck Manufacturer) has visited Shams Abad Site

Mangers, purchasing experts, quality control experts and project manager of MAN have visited Foulad Fam-Shams Abad site on 26 September 2016 in order to investigate and evaluate the abilities and capabilities of Foulad Fam with the aim of identifying Iranian suppliers for expanding their business.

During 6 hours meeting with MAN team, the following items have been reviewed:

-          Quality Management System Certificates

-          Quality Documentation of Production Line

-          Laboratory Testing Tools and Equipment

-          Quality Control Procedures of Raw Materials

-          Storage and Traceability

-          Designing and Developing (D&D) Software

-          Skills and Training Methods of Designing and Engineering Personnel active in field of standard and international relations

-          Project Control

-          Production equipment and facilities

-          Mold Making, Tool Making

Since the result of their evaluation was positive, MAN suggested us to design and manufacture some metal parts to start the corporation

Due to positive attitude of MAN team towards Foulad Fam, we are hopeful to launch our business with MAN and expand it by exporting our products to Europe, especially in the field of commercial vehicles.


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