Foulad Fam has visited Research and development center of Peugeot – Citroen in France

The expert team of Peugeot – Citroen has visited the site of Foulad Fam and observed the progress of self-sufficiency project of Pedal Box (Clutch and Break assembly) for Peugeot 301, 208 and 2008. Then, they have invited Project Manager and Design Engineers to have a visit from Laboratories and R&D centers of PSA Group which is located in Belshamp near to Sochuas city in France in order that they become familiar with the last technology of control methods and assemblies testing with the aim of performing them in Foulad Fam.

According to the plan, in February 2018, Technical and Project Managers have traveled to France with the expert team of SAPCO. To Test the Foulad Fam Pedal Boxes in the site of Peugeot – Citroen in Belchamp was the main goal of this mission which was done during 5 days with total supervision of PSA engineer and finally Foulad Fam products have been approved according to the highest level of European Standards that it is a pleasant news for Iranian manufacturers which approves our technical and engineering ability and proficiency in this industry in the world.

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