Visiting of Renault Managers from Foulad Fam Co., Shams Abad Site

Improvement of Iranian manufactures’ capabilities, has persuaded international automotive manufacturers to take advantage of these capabilities for producing the automobile parts and components for their current and future products and use the technical and engineering abilities as well as the potential capacities of metal parts manufacturers with the aim of decreasing their production costs in order to present their products with the best competitive prices in the global market.

Followed by coordination with Renault Pars, on 2018/04/22, Mr. Mathieu Sonjon, Chassis & Brake System Designing Manager and Mr. Sylvain Meunier, Sales and Supply Chain Engineer from Renault in France, Mr. Karbasi, Project Manager, Mr. Akbari, Engineering Manager and Ms. Mortezaei Fard, Purchasing Expert from Renault Pars have visited Foulad Fam Co. Shams Abad Site and evaluated the engineering abilities of Foulad Fam in order to expand the mutual corporation in near future.

The equipment and facilities of the following units has been visited:

-          Pressing Workshop

-          Welding and Weld Press Workshop

-          Robotic Welding Line

-          Continues Coating Line

-          Assembly Lines

-          Raw Material and Products Warehouses

-          Mold Making Unit

-          Laboratory

At the end of this visit, it was decided the parties expand their mutual corporation with the aim of Pedal Box Project improvement and follow up their negotiations seriously in this regards.








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