Foulad Fam has participated as the exhibitor in the SAPCO 6th International Tool and Die Exhibition

The SAPCO 6th International Tool and Die Exhibition was held by SAPCO in an area of 2500 square meters in September 2018 with about 100 exhibitors.

Foulad Fam Co. has participated in this exhibition as one the prominent manufacturer of metal and assembled parts for automotive sector, with the aim of introducing its capabilities and achievements in related with designing and making different kind of dies such as:

-          Classic Metal Dies

-          Progressive and Transfer Dies in G5 size and smaller

-          Progressive Dies till G3 size and bigger

-          Control Fixtures

-          Specific instrument for testing laboratory forces for automotive pedal bowls and pedal boxes

based on international standards in Hashtgerd and Shamsabad sites, for producing competitive products as well as in accordance with the international quality standards. The followings results were achieved:

1- The Managers of Method Group, Procurement and Engineering of Die, Instrument and fixture of different companies like as SAPCO Components Supplier, Sazeh Gostar and SAIPA Industrial Dies have visited the Foulad Fam Stand and has requested to audit it in order to add Foulad Fam in their suppliers list for ordering dies, instrument and control fictures.

2- Receiving some requests for making dies for automotive and non-automotive parts

3- Finding the new suppliers of raw materials (steel alloys) and new standard components for die making as well as discussing about their application in die making

4- Identifying the service provider in field of machining, heat treatment and coating process, machinery repairing  

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