Foulad Fam company extensive actions toward the prevention of the Corona virus

According to the social responsibility for the all beneficiaries and controlling the spread of the Corona virus, the Foulad Fam Company, opened the “health guardians” committee from the early stages in order to activate the orders of the CEO and everyday it did the prevention and controlling proceedings. Among these actions preparing and holding multiple meetings for making policies and establishing programs to prevent the spread of Covid-19, establishing regulations and rules when facing crisis, organizing the employees and gathering a team for fast response in emergency situations, making true rapid alerts and announcing reliable news and preventing the fake rumors in all the social media, screening and health checking all the staff to ensure the healthy environment, supplying and distributing sanitary equipment such as mask and sanitizer in order to improve personal and organizational health care, upgrading the environmental monitoring to reduce the risk of infection to the action level of the families of the staff Can be included.

We hope that with the bless of God and the cooperation of all the staff, we can pass this pandemic crisis with the highest care level and continue the path of production and growth like the past.

Figure caption: Hold multiple policy meetings and implement related programs to combat the pandemic

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