Inauguration of the production line of Tara car pedal set in Foulad Fam factory

We were honored to host Dr. Moghimi (managing director of Iran Khodro),  Mr. Pir Mohammadi (CEO of Sapco), Mr. Hosseinpour (supplying vice president of Sapco ), Dr. Shah Moradi (Legal Deputy of the governor-general of Alborz Province), Mr. Mohebbi Nejad (President of Homogeneous Powertrain Parts Association of Alborz Province), Mr. Zarekar (President of Savojbolagh city) and the accompanying delegation on February 20th, 2021.

In this ceremony, the production line of the national car pedal complex, "Tara” was inaugurated by Dr. Moghimi in order to take another step in the field of self-sufficiency of the country's automotive industry.[1] He and the accompanying delegation visited the production lines and the latest achievements of Foulad Fam Company and in their speeches pointed out that a large number of parts of Iran Khodro supply chain are produced by Foulad Fam Company and this company has had long-term strategic cooperation with Iran Khodro Industrial Group.

Having a brilliant background, Foulad Fam Company has been working closely with Iran Khodro and SAIPA companies for nearly 4 decades, and during these years, whenever automotive manufacturers introduce a new product to the market in the development phase, it has been able to actively participate in the field of self-sufficiency of parts and assemblies and made a significant contribution in this field.

Foulad Fam’s latest achievement is launching the production line of the new "Tara" car pedal set, which has been developed and produced based on the knowledge of organizational engineering and the latest technologies.

Following the ceremony, Mr. Montazemi, CEO of Foulad Fam Company, while welcoming, appreciating and thanking the esteemed guests, said: “I consider it necessary that due to your honorable efforts, especially Dr. Moghimi, with his powerful and capable management, in spite of all domestic and foreign sanctions and in a situation where all factors are against constant production, they have created a unique production line in Iran Khodro and whereas all the hardships and difficulties, they always kept this supply chains going on. Special thanks to all of you. We hope that with self-sufficiency in more new product’s production, we could have a significant contribution in reducing dependence on foreign companies and the development of our beloved country, Iran”.



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