Dr. Ali Haddadi, Member of the Islamic Consultative Assembly, and Mr. Mehrvar, Governor-general of Savojbolagh, visited Foulad Fam factory.

During this visit, Dr. Haddadi, while appreciating the efforts of manufacturers, workers and hard-working engineers of Savojbolagh town, including the staff of Foulad Fam Company, added:

[1]“Parts manufacturers in Alborz province are our honors, and innovation and creativity in the production of Iranian products has led to the growth of the country's automotive industry”.

 Mr. Montazemi, CEO of Foulad Fam Company, while welcoming their honorable guests, deeply appreciated the presence of them in Foulad Fam Company, and seek for their practical assistance and support in removing production barriers in Savojbolagh.

[1] http://haddady.ir/


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