• Quality Assurance

Foulad Famco.,based on  broad-based promotion of processes,quality systems and making the personnel effective,attempts to improve customer's requirements and expectations in relation to system and processes . In this way,quality promotion is considered as a top management thesis.

  • Quality Policy

Foulad Fam company manufacture of metal parts and components and pressing parts for creation of confidence and trust in customers,has already planned ISO/TS16949 as well as Sapco 79 requirements as his own quality assurance system pattern for the sake of customer'sconsent based on following aims :

1) Quality continuous improvement of the parts and effectiveness of quality system through consideration and improvement of production methods and analyzing of information.

2) Time observing in customer'srequirements in the least of time by on time delivery as well as complaint'sconsideration.

3) Promotion of personnel knowledge through education,participation in subjects,and improvement of responsibility via satisfaction among them.

4) Making a safe and secured place for personnel for the preservation of the most important spiritual assets .

5) Taking correct measures to attain zero waste for the preservation of resources and reaching reduction in final price .

Responsibility on the above function and achieving confidence in personnel on above aims are on the burden of  management  representative in quality assurance system witch advise me through domestic and submission of reports in order to take accurate measures for improvement and /or prevention of  any deviation.


Abbas Zoriatkhah

                        Managing Director
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